Passionné dans ce que nous faisons

We are the first Argentine company that rents BMW motorcycles. We own a fleet of 25 different models. We choose BMW motorcycles because they add quality, comfort and safety to your way of riding, adapting, due to it´s versatility, to the diversity of Argentine roads. We offer premium services for those who share the adventure spirit, passion for motorcycles and searching for new and inspiring experiences. Since 2010, we are the first and unique BMW Motorrad Official Partner. It´s an emphasize distinction, obtained by few companies around the world.

These are the requirements we have to overcome: 
1. Brand new fleet. All motorcycle´s models available
2. Motorcycle models in accordance to Argentine´s geography 
3. BMW standard support 
4. 24 hs phone attention 
5. General direction of "Trip & Getaway Program" since 2008
6. English operator 

Our Tours-division, offers touristic advice: Maps, routes, accommodations, GPS tracks. We design trips & travels for everyone, in order to surprise our sense.