Detail of Services

In R40 Moto, we provide additional additional and/or optional services for your motorcycle experience:

1) Instructor / Guide
Certified instructor will guide your experience providing all their knowledge throughout your trip

2) Support Truck / Transfers
Support truck will transport your luggage, tools and accessories for the trip.

3) Trailer / Replacement bike
Motorcycles? transfer and replacement bike may be useful for inconvenients during the journey.

4) Infography and assistance
General information and trace route specially designed for you trip.

5) Mec?nico
Specialist in mechanics, will give you support during the trip.

6) Paramedic
Specialist in emergencies, will give you support during the trip.

7) Photographer & films
You can have a professional who will capture the moments and experiences of your trip.

8) Special events
We can give an additional value to your trip. We set tents in Salinas Grandes, Camps and more ....

9) Hotel management
We get the best accommodations for you.